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Replacement of the 14th Street Viaduct over Conrail and Local Streets


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will 14th street remain open to traffic during construction?

Yes, 14th street will remain open to traffic in both directions for the duration of the project. The project will be constructed in stages. First, the south side of the viaduct will be dismantled and reconstructed while traffic is shifted to the north side. A temporary pedestrian sidewalk will also be constructed along the north side separate from traffic. Upon completion of the south side, traffic and pedestrians will be transferred to the newly constructed south half and dismantling and construction of the new north side will take place.

2. What side will the sidewalk be on when the project is complete?

Presently the sidewalk is on the north side of the 14th Street viaduct. When the new viaduct is complete, the new sidewalk will be on the south side.

3. Will the sidewalk be separated from traffic along the viaduct.

There will be no physical barrier between the sidewalk and traffic as there is none presently. However, with the newly constructed viaduct, a 4 foot shoulder will distance the sidewalk area from the traffic lane. The 4 foot shoulder will taper to a 2 foot shoulder at the east approach toward Willow Avenue.